tiger texted me last night, he was sorta understanding about how i didnt really want to hook up again, but his friend texted me flipping a total shit at me. he called my “type” unattractive and called me a bitch. i burst into tears. i dont even know which of his friends it was. i really want to figure that out

this song means so much to me <3 

other fish in the sea

i think ive gotten over you…it could be your douchy ways of ignoring me…it could be the fact that you never actually treated me well…im sorry it didnt work out, but i think im glad that its really done. you were not the best guy for me, i know, but there were things i did love. i wish it could have worked, but i understand why it didnt.

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why do people suck

why do people suck so much. i dont want to take this shit. people cant get over things that i need to get over. it just dosnt help.




i feel guilty because everyone else has these awful boyfriends who cheated, lied, beat and hurt their girlfriends. mine didnt do that to me. i feel guilty for the way we broke up. i hate this and i hate that he dosnt care anymore. i feel guilty because i brought this on myself

I never thought breaking up would mean having to start hating each other.

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