come back?

come back?

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please somebody tell me how to get through this…i cant get over him alone. i tried to use other guys and alcohol but it obviously didnt work. i cant believe i did that to me or him. at what point can i tell him i miss him? does he know about how i awful i was?  


25 Days of Christmas: Day 3 Snow flakes!


25 Days of Christmas: Day 3
Snow flakes!

every time i saw him today i felt like i wanted to throw up…its also didnt help that i was constantly called grimy…i felt like shit. today sucked so bad and all i want is him back.


this has probably been the hardest day of school of my life…


Why do people already know about him? Why do they have to know…shouldn’t it just be my business?? I just hate this…these rumors are going to get back to him and he’s going to judge me and hate me.

I’m tired of rumors starting

Lindsay Lohan

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i miss you

if we were still together i would be saying goodnight…


Toasted Marshmallow Milkshake

Forget the times he walked by, forget the times he made you cry, forget the times he spoke your name, remember now you’re not the same. Forget the times he held your hand, forget the sweet things if you can, forget the times and don’t pretend. Remember now, he’s just your friend.